Along with the 2018 Marvel & DC movie released, like Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Cosmanles follows the step and design the main character costumes in time. Today I’m going to focus on some hot series of our new design — Spider-Man, Deadpool and the black panther.

Spider-man Series

It's from Spider-Man: Homecoming. It’s a 3D printed tight bodysuit. The Silicon Mold is using three-dimensional(3D) soft silicon mold to customize, which makes the logo of superior wear resistance. Also, this item is visually gentle and washable.
It’s from Avengers: Infinity War, and it’s a 3D printed tight bodysuit with an individual mask. Professional hand-painted master draws the original design than with the high high-precision eight-color printer transfer into the fabrics under high temperature. This technology makes the product with high precision and color saturation.
It’s a jacket from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Common as usual, natural and sample. No more extra design. You can use it in daily life.

Deadpool Series

A global hits! It’s famous as iPhone X. Deadpool, Wade Winston Wilson, is always a disputed figure with high popularity. As a matter, of course, It has become a hot figure that many people cos. This Pu leather is of high elastic resilience on all sides and softness. Also, it supports custom made.
It’s also Deadpool2, but it’s a 3D printed compact bodysuit design. The luminous point is the accessories. It takes a metal extrusion process, which means we custom the carving model first, then hot melt metal into abrasive tools, cooling molding.

Black Panther

It’s the version of Captain America: Civil War, knitted fabrics comfort properties of air permeability, moisture permeability, and moisture conductivity were all known. The boots make a perfect match for the costume.
Black Panther is one of the hottest Marvel movies in 2018. This new hero is coming into the public’s sight with good fortune, the wealthiest superhero in the world.
The new environmental PET silver gold powder engraving film is cut by the imported stereotype cutting machine. It is a bright color, rich in color, firm in coloring, more slippery, and not comfortable to break in the pattern — strong coloring, more silky, smooth patterns, and uneasy to fracture.
The imported multi-thread silver thread is made of embroidery machine, and 850 turns 12 embroidery machine. The face is smooth, and the three-dimensional feeling is ensured. The shape of the character is 100% restored.