In 2013, when frozen was released, the divine comedy let it go instantly swept the world. Coupled with Disney's always delicate painting style and dream stories, it is not surprising that it became a hot style. While many credits the phenomenal popularity of "frozen" to music, the success of "frozen" is tied to Disney's breakthrough. Because Elsa was the first Disney character to transform into a queen without relying on any man.

Frozen 2 Elsa

Elsa is a symbol of a new woman to the audience, so some fans expect her to become Disney's first LGBT member, in other words, could arrange a girlfriend for Elsa?“Great!” This is the attitude of Disney. This attitude is too ambiguous, is complete "this can have" meaning! So when the trailer for frozen 2 was released, fans were looking for hints that the queen was coming out. But while there's no hint of the queen's little girl, there are other surprises.

The atmosphere of ice and snow 2 is more dark and adventurous than that of the first film. As a result, the trailer for frozen 2 received 116.4 million views in 24 hours, breaking the previous record of 113.6 million views set by The Incredibles 2. In addition to the speculation of the plot, more or exquisite painting style of admiration, once Disney for "Frozen 2" specially developed a set of a new engine, the effect we have seen, the world is Elsa snow magic dumping. This time, the Disney special effects delicate to let people shiver, once again let everyone realize that dad is always dad, the picture once again refresh our understanding of animation. Take the opening scene as an example.

No one would have guessed it was a cartoon if it hadn't been for the realistic spray and sand of Elsa. Let’s look forward to the Frozen II together. What will Disney bring to us in this time? And the director promised, in order to No matter rocks, maple leaves and other natural scenery, or the figure hair, clothing details, people feel the burning, even the fine hair on the face and lips of the lip lines, freckles can be clearly seen. The director also revealed that music will be more epic this time around, in keeping with the grand scheme of the Frozen 2.

Once "Let It Go" won the Oscar for best original song of the movie, which has become popular all over the world. I wonder whether the theme song of "ice & snow 2" can be followed by "brainwashing the world". I can't wait!