Captain Marvel named Carol Danvers who was born to a white family in Boston. She is the eldest daughter of the family and has two younger brothers. As a teenager, Carol's family was in financial crisis. Her father thought that women would not achieve anything, so he only offered his eldest son Steven to go to school.

Carol worked as a salesman for a while. She joined the U.S. air force for her dream. Her father thought that women should not be soldiers, so he broke off the relationship with Carol.

A few years later, her brother Steven died in the Vietnam War. To appease her parents, Carol returned to the family. But the father was indifferent to her return. And because of the death of Steven, the father disapproved of carol's continued participation in the army. For this reason, the contradictions frequently between the father and the daughter.

On a mission to Afghanistan, Carol's plane was destroyed by terrorists, and she was captured alive. During her imprisonment, Carol was subjected to a lot of cruel treatment. As a strong-willed girl, she never gave out the secret intelligence of the US military and took advantage of the terrorist leader's carelessness to kill him and flee Afghanistan.

Carol has attracted the attention of her superior Colonel Rossi because of her superior wisdom, indomitable will, and extraordinary courage. Under Colonel Rossi's arrangement, Carol became an agent and had collaborated with superheroes of Wolverine、Fantastic Four、Black Widow.

A few years later, as NASA safety director, Carol met scientist Michael Rossi, the original Captain Marvel Mar-Vell. It turns out that scientist Michael Rossi is dead, replaced by the original Captain Marvel Mar-Vell.

Mar-vell is a Kree, coming to earth to destroy earth's aerospace engineering. But after coming to the surface, Mar-Vell found himself in love with the planet and decided to help earthlings develop space technology.

At the same time, he'll also use his powers to do some superhero things. So he was called Captain Marvel by the Avengers. With the help of Mar-Vell, Carol has repeatedly avoided danger in missions. Over time, Carol and Mar-Vell became lovers.

But it didn't last long. During a battle between Mar-Vell and Kree, Carol was knocked into one of Kree's machines, which could change reality through thoughts. Mar-vell saved Carol's life, but the device exploded, causing Carol's genes to fuse with Mar-Vell so that Carol became a superhuman.

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By fusing the Mar-Vell gene, Carol produced a hero personality that led her to do something "just." But Carol herself is extremely resistant to such a heroic character.

Meanwhile, during the battle with Kree, Mar-Vell's true identity was exposed and wanted by the U.S. government. Carol was a member of the arresting Mar-Vell squad, because of her heroic personality.

After repeated failures, Carol was downgraded to the lowest NASA employee. For saved Carol, Mar-vell was struck by the explosion and became terminally ill.

Carol didn't want to accept heroic personality, left NASA, and marooned herself into the universe. Time goes by. With the help of Ronan, the Accuser and Korath the Pursuer, Carol came to accept her heroic personality. Thus a new superhero was born --Ms. Marvel--The second generation Captain Marvel.

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