Iron-Man. He is the center of MUC The Infinity Saga. He is the reason why I become a Marvel movie fan. At the end fight of this movie, Thanos said ‘I am the destiny’. I thought Tony would say ‘I am the destiny’. However, he said the sentence in Iron-Man 1. I’m the Iron-Man. At that time, I know, Tony Stark is the best superhero I’ve seen ever.

Captain America. Steve Rogers. A normal soldier in World War II. An old man at the end of Avengers 4. Steve’s story is over in MCU. After experiencing the war, he chooses to be common people. And he finished that dancing with Peggy.

Thor. The king of Asgard. He lost half of his people in Avengers 3: infinity war. His brother, Loki, was killed by Thanos. And at the last, he even lost his abdominal muscle. Guilty, regret drove him to despair. When he saw his mother in the past, Thor was crying like a child. Despite Thor is trying to escape from reality. He chooses to come back to the king of Asgard when faced to Thanos.

Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff. She was born in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. A man’s body. She has no money, no special ability, no family. Although she was treated unfairly since came to this world.  For the sake of her comrades, she sacrifices herself in exchange for the soul gem.  Sleeping in Vormir forever.

The story of the first generates Avengers has been ended. Someone is gone and whatever we do, they will not come back. However, the story of superheroes is still continuing.