Supergirl season 3 featured a female villain—Reign. Reign is from Krypton as the same with Supergirl. There's bloody fighting between Supergirl and Reign. Many people hate Reign,because she beat Supergirl so severely. But some people like Reign season 3, they think Reign can beat Supergirl, this is very cool.



Let's take a look at Youtube reviews of the scene:


So this episode is saying that reign is supergirls doomsday


Finally, someone gave her n ass whooping...I hate he they op the CW Supergirl..they even tried to say she and Barry were the same speed


The only reason I kept watching Supergirl was that of reign. She's truly badass.


Every other fight hasn't been as hard as this one for her; it's nice seeing her fight someone that either has the same strength or is stronger than Supergirl herself


This was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen.


Reign is so sexy



Reign is the strongest and the boss, love her.


My heart broke when I saw how Supergirl looked like my heart feels horrible rn


This is the best fight scene supergirl ever had! So badass & crazy...Loved Reign! Season 3 was good just because of her


I like the dark tone to season 3


My favorite fight.


I love the Christmas music going on at the beginning of the fight.


Why is she getting beat down like this I thought she was tough.


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