The Flash Season 5 premieres on October 9, 2018.



Before the premiere, I watched his trailer.I'm excited to see this trailer. Barry's daughter Nora traverses from the future to the present, which makes everyone feel strange. Nora first exposed her code name XS! And said that she made a big mistake, needs Barry to save! What's wrong? The last lightning dagger to appear - which means David Hersch will be the new villain!



Even though season 4 sucks, I'm still looking forward to the new season. Season 4 begins with an interesting villain, not a speedster, not a superhuman, but a brilliant professor, and it starts well, because Barry was wronged, leading to a new ability called lightning time. But the writers made the big mistake of making Devoe too powerful in the middle of the story. Although the previous two seasons used this routine, namely the flash can't beat the boss and didn't let the flash use the new ability correctly. So much so that by the end, Devoe was suddenly silly, and then the flash beat him, which was too abrupt, and the ability of lightning time was not even available. No matter how bad the previous season was, I'm still looking forward to the new season. I hope I won't be disappointed. Barry, don't be so lame!


Besides, I found the flash suits are also different in detail than before. Here's the comparison.


(I'm Barry Allen, I'm the fastest person in the world, but every season somebody's faster than me.)