More and more people like to watch movies now. Movies can bring us relaxation and enjoyment. So what type of film do you want? I love the subjects of military and superheroes who can save the world. Haha, it is very cool. Recently, I saw Red Sea Action telling a story the Chinese Navy rescued Chinese compatriots. It is shocking, cool and sad. It is lucky for us to be born in a peaceful, not war-torn country. Our soldiers are sturdy and adorable. I will often fantasize to be them after watching it. They are heroes.

When it comes to superheroes roles, foreign friends may think of Captain America, Flash, Green Arrow and so on. We like these roles and characters. Because we can know the different things from them. How can we express our feelings? Cosplay may be an efficient way. We can play roles we like by cosplay. Many peoples wear their cosplay costumes to attend parties. And some designs of cosplay costumes come from movie characters. Movies are as they were closely related to cosplay.

2018 New films for superheroes subjects have been released, such as Black Panther, Avengers. Which role do you like and Do you want to play them?

Welcome to cosmanles, choose cosplay costumes you like. Let your life more relax and magical.