Twenty years ago, a failing corporation made a bad movie. The film eventually grossed $500 million and put the company on the rise. They were toy story and Pixar. In the 1990s, this CG animated film created a new form of film, won many Oscars and became one of the classic IP of Pixar and Disney. It wasn't until 20 years later that toy story would release its fourth new film. But is this really the right choice for toy story fans?

After the end of Toy Story 3, most people thought this series was ended. Woody’s master grew up and was going to University. He would not play with his toy like a kid. Woody, Base and their friends were gifted to a new master who loves toys. We think it is a good end. However, the fourth is coming….Toy Story

We can’t deny that the Toy Story gave us much happiness. It tells a good story, a nice fantasy. However, in commercial society today, there is no doubt that it has been reduced to the suspicion of making money for Pixar. Disney acquired fox in 2006 and immediately announced plans to build a new toy story house in its theme parks. In 2007, Disney announced a $1.1 billion renovation of its California Adventure park, adding car-themed rides. The toy story park at Shanghai Disneyland officially opened in 2018.

A theme park, in order to attract people to play, the most important thing is that everyone should have a sense of affinity to the theme. For a generation that grew up watching toy story, they were certainly willing to spend. But for anyone under the age of 10, there's a good chance they don't know who Woody is and who buzz lightyear is -- nine years after the last toy story movie was released. Last year, John Lasseter, creator of the toy story series and creator of the first three toy stories, left Disney after being accused of misbehaving toward women. From this interview with the media, it seems that the toy story series has come to its true end. Maybe this is the last time we meet Woody, Jessie, Buzz, and other characters.