Spider-man: Far From the Home is the final film of the third phase of the Marvel universe. It is time to step on the hot release of Avengers: Endgame. China is even the first country to release in the world.

Looking back at Hollywood movies in June, it was mostly a rehash. "Dark Phoenix", "Men in Black: International" got terrible public praise, almost all the audience look autistic. Neither Aladdin nor toy story grossed as much in its opening weekend as the high-definition reset spirited away. Spiderman totally saved Hollywood's "word-of-mouth mass grave" in June.

First of all, as diffuse marks of the third stage, the sequel is widely regarded as a structure connecting ecosystem and individuals, the plot: after the multiple 4 ended ring at the expense of the iron man, black widow and soul gem to sacrifice, captain America back to the modern and Peggy live a happy life, Thor gave up his thrones and decided to have a trip with Star-Lord. And the little spider that just resurrects also wants to give oneself put big holiday, the most important is to express oneself to beloved MJ, unexpectedly kill a rival in love halfway, however, Fred still must call little spider to go back to inherit the mantle of iron man, save the world. Small spider wants to fight battle of wits with rival in love at the same time brave, want to carry on the shoulder again at the same time heroic mission, prevent element monster to be disaster world, face to hate spiderman not to become finally "iron man" director adult, all sorts of pressure are huge. Many people wear spider-man cosplay costume in the cinema. I like this way to show how they like it.  

After the film was released, netizens had different opinions about it. Some argue that iron man, as a sacrificed character, should no longer be used to take advantage of his fans' lightness. On the other hand, iron man, as the little spider's teacher and friend, plays an important role in the inheritance of heroes.

In general, this is a continuation of the Marvel series. Spiderman fans can head to the cinema to watch it.