Game of Thrones is a big fantasy series released by HBO. On Monday, it finally came to an end. With the premiere of the eighth episode, the ratings are also rising. But, oddly, its ratings are plummeting. The rating on rotten tomatoes fell from 92 percent to 48 percent. Every time an episode is a broadcast, there are new online jokes. So how did the so-called 21st-century soap opera end?

1.Leading Group.

In season 8, The main characters in season 8 all act as if their IQ has been dropped. They resist the white walkers in the outside of Winterfell which located in plain. I think it is waste the life of a soldier. Theon should protect bran stark. However, when the night king appeared, he was decided to fight with him by himself. This is so stupid.

2. The Mother Of Dragons.

Dragon Mother has always been a very distinctive character in this drama. In the previous seasons, she has been working hard to save and liberate slaves. And she is the representation of suffering people. But in S8, she was portrayed as an image of the people who were full of hatred. She and her dragon massacre all the inhabitants of a captured city. In season 8, Screenwriter breaking the original screen image and making the audience stunned.

3. Unreasonable Confused.

The whole drama takes seven seasons to describe the white walker army and the night king. However, the night king is killed by Arya simply. So, what are we afraid of if the faceless man is so strong. So, the Guards of the night king are audiences? In general. This is a wonderful TV drama except season 8. We can’t deny the whole story because of the failure of the end.