Recently, I suddenly found that some superheroes and villains in DC and Marvel have a common feature -- they gain superpowers due to an accident. For example, Peter Benjamin Parker became Spider-man after being bitten by a spider in a crash, Robert Bruce Banner became Hulk after being exposed to the radiation of his own Gamma Bomb in an accident, Barry Allen became the flash because he was struck by lightning in a crash, and Sandman also gain superpower by an accidental. I think it's interesting that the average person will probably die in an accident in all likelihood, but these people can get superpowers. Perhaps this is what we call the main character halo.



But when it comes to superheroes, we have to talk about our Spider-man. Spider-man is a hugely popular superhero, and a lot of people have to cosplay him. I guess the people who love cosplay superhero should have a spider-man costume. So the spider-man cosplay costume in your closet is which one spider-man. Is Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, or Ultimate Spider-Man, or Marvel's Spider-Man PS4, or Spider-Man: Homecoming, or Avengers: Infinity War? Neither? So what does your spiderman costume look like? Or what kind of spider-man cosplay costume do you expect? Leave me a message and tell me what you think.



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