The 10th anniversary of Marvel Studios

In the In the opening scene of the movie, Marvel's 10th Anniversary Special Edition LOGO appeared. "I" and "O" on "MARVEL STUDIOS" changed to the words "10". On the official promotional materials, there is a phrase "The First Ten Years" under this logo. It seems to tell everyone that we can fight for another decade in the future!

According to Kevin Feige, this sentence draws on the slogan of the 10th anniversary of “Star Wars.”

Thor: Ragnarök

At the end of Thor: Ragnarök, as the immortal palace was destroyed, Asgard’s people were displaced. During the escape, the Assassin’s massacre was even more frightened. The tragedy of “The Gods of the Gods” seems to be continuing. At the beginning of the movie, it’s certain that Heimdall and Loki are heroic and righteous. The rest of the characters such as Valkyrie, Korg, and even Miek, the scissors, are missing. Moreover, Thor said to Yinhu that Thanos killed half of his people. Does this mean that these characters may have escaped before the annihilation?

According to the director's confirmation, the Valkyrie did not die but led some Asgardians to escape from the hegemony through life-saving cabins. It is unclear whether Seigneur and Mick were spared.

We have a hulk

When Loki presented the Cube to the Thanos, he said, "We have a Hulk." In "Marvel's The Avengers," Iron Man said the same thing to Loki who was the big villain at that time.

As a result, Loki was slammed by Hulk, and the scene was fierce. It seems that Loki has escaped the fear of being dominated by the giants and is standing in the same line as his brother's comrades. Children of Odin Loki reported a series of titles before being strangled. The son of Odin was one of them. It can be seen that Loki always felt grateful to his father, Odin. It is reminiscent of the fact that in “Thor 3′′, Odin’s words “My sons” to Thor and Loki before he departed, Loki’s eyes touched a little. The father's approval is estimated to be the most precious thing in the bad boy's heart.

After Thanos killed Loki then said, “This time you will not be resurrected.” It refers to Loki’s pretend-dead in Thor: The Dark World, which deceived all people including Thor. Extraterrestrial visitors Hulk was sent back to the earth, and it just fell to the Supreme Sanctuary where Dr. Strange and the King were. Hulk warned against the arrival of Thanos. This episode resembled the beginning of the comic book "Infinity Gauntlet," but the extravagant visitor in the cartoon is Silver Surfer.

Whether in movies or cartoons, Dr. Strange is the first person on the planet who knows the threat of Thanos.

Avengers Ice Cream

Downey mentioned that he had decided to quit dairy products, but Ben & Jerry's asked him to give up his promise because his family launched an ice cream named after the Iron Man. Ben & Jerry's is a well-known American ice cream maker after Haagen-Dazs. By the way, the Iron Man Ice Cream mentioned in the film is called “Stark Raving Hazelnuts.”

Inflatable Animal

Downey mocked Curly Blessing’s cloth like a clown performing a twisted balloon. I don't know whether the lines are intentional or not. In the promotion of Doctor Strange, Ben played a jerky little theater by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, telling the story of Ben being commissioned on the Internet, and found that he wanted to “handle” the devil after he arrived at the scene. A group of children who play crazy, desperation (to pay) Dr. can only bite the bullet and give the children inflatable animals......

Spider Induction

"Pier," Peter Parker noticed that the danger was approaching and his hands were straight up. This is one of the common spider-senses in the comic book, and Spiderman's ability to survive. Pic11 This explains the reason why at the end most of the heroes revealed a puzzled look when they disappeared, but Peter felt discomfort (same as Mantis).

Iron Spider Suit

Peter finally put on the high-grade equipment that Iron Man-tailored for him to become Iron Spiderman. Just as in the comics, the color matching of the steel spiders is consistent with the iron armor. The back of the shirt can stretch out the spider's arm and look closer to the real spider.

At the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Downey invited Peter to join the Avengers and sent him a new uniform as a gift. Peter then turned down Downey's good intentions on the spot. In the comics, Peter readily accepted lure and joined the Iron Man team in the Civil War.

Hawkeye and Ant-man

Before the film was released, the fans found that there was hardly any trace of Hawkeye and Ant-man in the official materials. As a result, various social media campaigns were launched to find missing characters. As a result, Marvel's success in making netizens come all this way for nothing. Hawkeye and Ant-man did not appear in the film. This two became "national war criminals" in Captain America: Civil War because they stood on the captain's front, but due to family reasons, They are allowed to perform house arrest at home.

Captain Marvel

There is an egg behind the subtitles: Nick Fury and Maria Hill saw the sudden disappearance of people in New York City. Hill, who had not yet figured out the situation, soon Hill disappeared, too. Fury quickly called the plane to summon the soldiers, but did not say greetings again, then became ashes. Then screen showed a hero's sign, Captain Marvel.

This scene undoubtedly indicates that Captain Marvel will play an important role in reversing the war. At the same time, he also foresees the arrival of a new hero (Ms. Marvel will be released in 2019).

To be continued...