Recently I got so much inspired after having seen a video on Facebook. My deeply touched heart provoked me to write this blog and share what was in my mind. All my thought is whether I've done best cosplay ever or not?

This video is mainly about a policeman named Damon Cole dressed as Batman to visit a child who got brain cancer. His visit encourages the little guy great strength to sit up and even wanna smile while he is unable to make it due to his disease. The Batman again comes to Batman-themed funeral of this child as Batman. He continues with this kind of great visits mostly as DC and Marvel heroes. What’s more admirable is that all costs are from his own. According to what he said, the highest cost amounts to $5,000 to buy Hulk costume. Apart from these visits, he also does more good things with Batman cosplay when he’s off the policeman. For example, he helps to stop bad guys and attend child safety fair with batman costume. His doing brings much comfort and happiness to children of severe illness and makes them stronger of their inner heart. In the believe: Remember, with high power, comes greater responsibility.

Yes, he is a best cosplay! Compared with what Damon Cole has done, I didn’t do anything helpful to others when I was with Batman cosplay. But during the time I spent on all the process until I finished the cosplay, feelings of fulfillment and satisfied were full of my heart. If my cosplay were liked, I would be much happier. For me, as long as I try all my efforts to do cosplay, I can be satisfied. But I want to learn to Damon Cole to help those in need.

Who do you think can do the best cosplay? How will you do to make your batman cosplay meaningful?