First of all, as a coser, we need to be very familiar with the characters we cos before comic-con. We need to do enough research on it before comic-con, so that the characters produced by coser will have a high degree of reduction, and the similarity will be improved a lot. As a newcomer, it is hard to avoid being nervous or even at a loss to participate in cos for the first time. After all, we have no experience and cannot deal with random events well, so we need to anticipate all possible situations in cos. Ask experienced seniors how to do more, so that they won't panic when they encounter unexpected situations, and don't know how to deal with them without any preparation. This one is super important. Take a little pen and write it down.

Secondly, in the past, cosplay left a bad impression on people, because its clothes tended to be feminine and revealing to attract people's eyes. The content is also vulgar, not in line with the elegant aesthetic, but now comic-con has been improved, the quality of coser is gradually improving. So novice needs to pay attention to the path before can't go, in the aspect of clothing choice more careful, too revealing clothes easy to complain, also caused a lot of suitors and uncivilized eye, causing a lot of unnecessary trouble is one of, the other is a very bad impression, also can let other coser produce discontent, this is not conducive to the development of new cos, after all, many coser doyen, their experience and experience more special, and they play good relationship is very important. And this is conducive to the normal development of cosplay, avoid crooked things.

Third, don't be a soldier. Fourth, absolutely can't cos our soldiers, even the similar clothes and colors are not possible, it is absolutely not allowed, believe that everybody who can feel, a lot of the image of cos, but there is no a coser is dressed up soldier, once the violation to the cosine soldier, then you cos career than goodbye. Soldiers represent the country's image, the influence of them is very sacred a exist, any one in any form to cos soldiers is a discredit to the image of soldiers, maybe you just with a respect for the soldiers to cos, but that is not approved, so we must keep this in mind, when cos, after all, for little sprout new may not be too aware of the seriousness of the matter. A beginner's coser must avoid this kind of problem.