If you always keep your eyes on the Japanese game, you must have tried and began to play these two games before my introduction here. Both of them are regarded as the top 10 games this year and be loved by many players. The prevalence of them also brings about a situation that plenty of cosplayers come and play a role in making the characters they like to be alive. As you probably have guessed, what I am going to share with you are Persona 5 and Compass. But this time in this article, the costumes rather than the game itself is the leading role.

I want to talk about Persona 5 first, as it is available for both female and male gamers. Persona 5 is an anime television series produced by CloverWorks, based on the Persona 5 video game by Atlus. You may always be excited about driving away spiders in underground cities, surviving from Dragon's fury, going back to a tavern with rusted equipment in European and American Role-playing Games. One part of the allure from Persona 5 is the vibrant and youthful flair it brings out; the other is the music composer Shoji Meguro.


Designers from Cosmanles are also interested in this game and animation, they choose costumes and try their best to restore them to make sure the players like you and me will accept them. The good news is that they got it. This is also why we are promoting a series of costumes here. Joker Akira Kurusu Phantom is the main character of it, and there's no surprise that many players love him. Two sets of his clothes are on sale now.

It seems that Fox Yusuke Kitagawa's costume is a white shirt, black pants, and a belt, but you can't ignore the symbol of his group on the shirt. It is the main point of why we cosplay them. The women characters we product in Persona 5 are all in skirts, girls who like to wear skirts should not miss these costumes here.

I want to talk more about this game, as it always brings me back to my high school days when we were asked to stay in class, but sometimes dreamed about being a hero or heroine with a superpower. This is also the main reason why we love this game and the music. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There-Lyn


The second one is Compass; male players are supposed to take a big part of the game. It is a fantastic idea to end up a battle in 3 minutes which means that it wouldn't take you much time so that you won't feel tired from it. By the way, it is friendly and not so complicated for the beginner. That is to say,you will be able to end a battle in several minutes or so. Want to need win,you to cooperate with your team member, communicate with them while playing. It is a good way to share the joy brings by the game with your friends. As for me, I like the stories and backgrounds of each character, at the same time, it offers me a room to visualize my own story. That is the main reason I am addicted to this game.

It is time to talk about the characters, Cosmanles makes four costumes that are deeply affected by players this time. The first one is Marcos'55, an otaku who is always obsessed about the beauty of himself. The cutes one must be Magical Girl Ririka, the color of her dress is loved by plenty of young ladies.

I believe these will be excellent choices for this year's Halloween party and some conventions. How could you deny it isn't an excellent opportunity for you and your friends to share the same game and show up in the same costume?