Have you racked your brains thinking about what to wear at this year's Halloween party? Do you feel hard to determine which one you prefer to cos at this year’s Christmas gathering?

It is time to consider these questions, as some cosplayers had already begun to select their character and sew their Halloween costumes. They aim at being the unmatched one at parties. However, what have you done? If it is hard for you to make up your mind or you are too busy to make costumes by yourself. Don’t hesitate to have a look of new products we launched; it will inspire you, bring you out of confusing and struggle. As we all know, he is an anti-hero, leads a life the way he likes. Also, he had protected human beings at precisely the worst moment many times but was not accepted by other heroes because he works as a killer if enough money is paid. Even though, he is loved by some of us owing to his funny and sharp language about the world. So, why not join the Deadpool Corps, they encompassed woman Deadpool, Deadpool boy, Deadpool dog, Deadpool head and Deadpool. This time we provided three Deadpool costumes with the same charming price ($29.9) especially for women.

They look similar but not the same. It is worth mentioning that each one has the belt which is not always used by Deadpool for instant movement. The first one might attract you for its tail and eyeshade. The second one is special for the headwear which looks like a rabbit. The third one would be the hat I suppose.

Another one is Captain America, the symbol of American spirit. Based on an emaciated youngster who was eager to contribute in the world WarⅡ, but stopped by his physical condition. After the experiment, he became tall and strong, the perfect specimen of human beings. However, the test was stopped ascribe to the death of Dr.Reinstein, and then, he was regarded as Captain America, wore the uniform and shield with red、white 、blue and bright stars——the color of America flag. At Cosmanles, we produce costumes contain the features of him while adding some unique elements. Thus, it would be suitable for women and meet your demand. All of these Halloween costumes are designed for our women consumers. However, gentlemen are also encouraged to visit, as they could be given as presents for your couples.