If you don't know a person, use the usual impression to define him. You are just deceiving yourself. It is obviously a pile of salt, you are treated as a sugar. As everyone knows, the pile of sugar in your eyes is just the projection of your own impression on the salt bar. —— After watching "The Boys", my thoughts are like this.

The Boys

From small to large, my heart, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and other heroes, that is justice, that is bright, but like most people, I have overlooked a problem, that is, why? Why do Superman must be a good person, by what? Batman won't cut the clown's head with a saw. Why? Spider-Man must arrest the bad guys who harm the community instead of stealing and robbing himself. Why?

The Boys 2

Because of the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility? Superman who grows up in a good family environment certainly has the correct three views. Batman, who bears the bloody seas and hatred, certainly hates evil. The spiders in various versions of the world that are not deeply involved have their own life mentor, giving him the correct guidance. To prevent him from going astray.

The Boys 3

However, if they are in a different environment, what is the deviation? If other people who have the same ability, do not establish the correct three views in the process of growing up? They can wear the hero's shirt, but they don't necessarily have the hero's core. Right, I mean the Homelander. The reason why "The Boys" is recognized by everyone is precise that this episode of anti-hero theme can bring us a lot of thinking, and in my opinion, this drama is very practical.

The Boys 4

Today, Various information in the Internet age is full of our lives. What you see is not necessarily true, what you hear may be a lie.

The Boys 5

In the world of "The Boys", there are many superpowers. Among them, seven were selected as heroes to market to the world. They have superpowers, yes, but they use superpowers. The cause of justice? Not necessarily, let's not say that the ability to use the right and the right thing, they do not need a superpower to seek personal gain is good.

The Boys 6

In the real world, there is no such thing as a superpower, but there are many stars who are regarded as idols by the public in the same way as the super-power heroes in the "The Boys". Their superpowers may be singing and dancing, perhaps deductive ability, and Or, it's just a simple, good-looking, hard-working one. However, in the fans of the stars, they are the perfect existence in their own minds, just like our fantasy of superheroes.