The coming of Flash season 5, brings another wave in cosplay community about The Flash. No wonder many cosplayers send me messages to ask about when will the Flash season 5 cosplay costume be released. It won’t be a long time to wait I believe. Let’s reflect the stories of them. As for me, I have sincerely enjoyed every aspect of the show so far.

Season 1 began with a bang! In the first episode, we see Barry Allen. A mysterious figure in lightning had killed his mother, his father wrongfully convicted. He had no choice but to live with Joe and Iris West, hit with the flash; we saw him go into a coma, wake up and discover his powers! We also discovered others got powers as a result of an accident at STAR Labs. They begin fighting Whether Wizard and then graduate on to other, more interesting baddies. Soon enough though we find out that Harrison Wells, isn’t him at all, but instead Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse-Flash- the one who killed Barry’s mother, this is a massive twist as now the hero is working with his arch-enemy, and we don’t even know why. Then Barry learns to time travel and new characters join the fray, and secrets and twists get revealed that not many people would have seen coming.

Season 2’s first episode beginning seems to make some people a little annoyed, as they wanted and expected the show to pick up where it left off. But in this season more powers are to be learned, characters continue to grow, and new ones enter the fray, and the villain is even more terrifying than the first! If you thought time travel was cool? Well now we have different piles of earth to travel to, Barry chucking lightning, we have different versions of the same character and so much more. In this season we can see Barry wants to work more alone and tries to come up with things more by himself, he’s less reliant on his team. The ending was once again brilliant and leaves you thinking.

Season 3 got off to a rocky start in my opinion. This was meant to be the big Flashpoint Paradox season, but they ended up doing it all in one episode, with consequences when Barry gets back, but I wish it went on for at least half a season. I liked how Wally West was now Kid Flash and fighting the Rival, who was an entertaining villain. I also loved Barry and Iris’s relationship and Joe’s slacking off. Barry gets to be with his parents once again is impressive. But aside from that, I thought Cisco Ramon did not strike me as the wealthiest man in America- his suits were so cheap. Caitlin Snow also didn’t ask enough questions or freak out enough when she was “kidnapped.” Reverse-Flash was great in the episode, and his banter with Barry felt very Flashpoint-ish.

Season 4 had its flavor and was entirely different from other Seasons. Humor is a new element introduced this Season. This season was not just about The Flash but Other characters like Caitlyn (Killer Frost), Cisco (Vibe), Cecile and Iris who had an even more active role this season. Their involvement towards the end of the season was crucial. With every new Season, we have some new Characters. This Season’s New Characters like Amunet Black, Ralph Dibny, Gypsy's Dad and Marlize didn’t fail to impress their Viewers. We saw that Barry Allen was up against a Villan who he never came across before, De Voe! (known for his extraordinary ability to outthink any possible outcome. Which is Why he always remained one step ahead of The Flash right till the end) With the Slogan of the Season that goes by “The fastest man Alive vs. The fastest mind is alive”. Didn't disappoint!

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