To some, cosplaying is a hobby. To others, cosplaying is a lifestyle. Whether you have participated in cosplay or not, cosplay has become prevalent in today’s society. During the early 1980s in Japan did overdo it get its official name "cosplay."However, Cosplay predates its name by decades and developed from fans wearing costumes to sci-fi conventions and then worked its way into the culture of fandom within comics, animé and video games from there. 

Within this subculture, there is also a strong sense of community. Whether one enjoys sewing, modeling, or photography, fans can interact with others who are in the same fandom. There is a sense of unity, and it’s thrilling to see another person cosplay as the same character or another character from the same series. Group photos are taken, and ‘fan service’ is performed to get onlookers excited. In some cases, cosplayers will get together for occasions other than conventions. For example, those who enjoy making cosplay costumes attend sewing parties to work on their costumes with other cosplayers and share construction tips. There are also cosplay beach parties and club events that are hosted by enthusiasts, which give cosplayers opportunities to wear their costume in different locations.

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