Hello, I'm Lily engaged in customer service now. I have joined in Cosmanles for three months without I know it. The reason for choosing this company is that I'm very interested in cosplay costumes. By the way,cosmanles is specialized in made cosplay costumes.

Recently, one crucial job we should do is to upload Anime cosplay costumes on our website. It is dull and exciting. Is it contradictory?  No. Though The same operation is tedious, I can know many beautiful anime costumes because I like anime very much. Animes we ever usually watched have Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, Naruto. We have some cosplay costumes about them. But I'm very lost today due to some personal reasons. In order not to affect my work, I find a fantasy way. I suppose I'm Sakura Momoko. My skill is magic for bright, lovely, optimistic. I start these skills toward myself and pictures, words I need to do, which makes the whole work happy. My task is to put these lovely products photographs and words on our website then everyone can see them. As if I have a mission, my work is full of power. Although I look like a Chunibyo, it is fascinating.

My work will be better and better in the future.