For an experienced cosplayer, you may not be strange with this word - crossplay. When you see the title using fashion to modify it, I was just wondering to know how your first reaction is?

According to the reference from Wiki, crossplay (the term is a portmanteau of cross-dressing and cosplay) is a type of cosplay in which the person dresses up as a character of a different gender. That’s to say, a female can cosplay male character, and male can do female cosplay.

As we can see, many cosplayers do like featuring characters that differ in their gender. But there are many voices indicated they do not like crossplay. In their view, they get used to seeing cosplayers in the same gender. And they don't think it wonderful for a gender bend cosplay.

In my point of view, it is a fashion that a guy chooses a female character to have a try. Also, it can be a difficult challenge. What they did brings much praise, this would be a substantial proud. This success is more powerful than a regular cosplay. I do agree on crossplay as one of your cosplay plans.

In cosmanles, you can get cosplay costumes in different genders. Just select as what you want and custom size service is also provided. There is definitely no worry if you are facing problem to look for a gender bend costume. Cosplay, just do it as what’s in your mind.