We can cosplay every day at any place. However, for a newcomer, cosplay is not as easy as what we can see its complete show. The whole process for cosplay is a long way to go. There are several essential elements needed attention.


It's great to be able to find a group of people around you who are cosplay fans. If you don’t have such a friends’ group, the local cosplay community is also a nice choice. It is a happy thing to play together. In my point of view, cartoon and comics show is an excellent opportunity for those who get started, and you can pay more attention to the relevant information.

 2.Role selection

The first choice, of course, is your favorite character (all because of love!). It is relatively easy to cosplay characters that don’t need to expose your face. It is better if you’re confident in your appearance, and you can find some characters you can control, which need time and patience.


Generally, it’s hard for a beginner to make their cosplay costumes by themselves. They would choose to shop online or from the local boutique. There are many cheap cosplay costumes online you can search. Wigs are also essential. Many char, actors rely on its costume and hair as its unique feature. By the way, it is a nice try to DIY wig rather than shop.

 4. Props

Most of the props are also purchased if you can make your unique one. Personally speaking, perfect props can show professionalism.


Try to Restore shape the role. You may need to describe the eyeliner. If you go to cartoon and comics show, you may need to reapply make-up. You can ask someone for help as possible as you can.


For the first time, you would feel a little bit cautious about being dressed up. Just let it go. You will feel better when you get used to it.

7.Actions and Expressions

You should know the characteristic of the character, master a few the iconic poses, and the facial expression should be in place. You can practice more in the mirror.

In all, according to your demand to select the character. The more elaborate costumes and props are, the better the economic conditions permit. Strive to restore roles in all aspects, at the same time to open the mentality. What remains is to accumulate experience through practice.